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                           Collection Agreement

Collection Agreement

Cyberphonic Marketing Inc.

2280 Cramer Road
Bushkill, PA 18324

We authorize Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. to proceed at once against the following

debtor(s) submitted for collection.





You agree that the total cost for collection will be 25%of the first $3000.00 that’s

recovered and 20% thereafter of all moneys collected without litigation. You also

agree that our fees for litigation are 35% of all moneys collected. Consumer accounts are billed at a flat 35% fee and for litigation 40%. All funds recovered will be sent to your company and your company will be billed by Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. If merchandise returns are made, you agree to be billed at the above rates based on the value of such merchandise. By submitting accounts to Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. for collection, you authorize Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. to attempt collection of these accounts until such time as Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. either effects collection or deems the account(s) uncollectible.

Kindly enclose all pertinent information for each account you seek to collect.

Company____________________________Client Contact_______________________



Zip________ Phone_____________________________

Absolutely No Charge Unless We Collect

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