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2280 Cramer Road
Bushkill, PA 18324

Letter Of Introduction

The reason for this letter is to introduce my company to you. Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. is a full service, national collection service specializing in the recovery of past due accounts receivable. We are a national leader in the industry with a reputation earned by delivering an exceptionally high level of service and bottom line results to our clients throughout the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves on our ability to recover our client’s past due accounts while maintaining their relationship with their customers.

Accounts receivable management is a critical business function that requires expertise, persistence and professionalism. Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. built its business on these values and provides its clients with superior liquidation rates on accounts placed for collection.

Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. has the personnel, legal resources and information systems to recover your past due accounts in an efficient, thorough and professional manner. We provide you with a full range of collection and legal services designed to speed the flow of your past due receivables back to you. Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. also possesses a strict record of adherence to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ( FDCPA ).

Highlights of Cyberphonic Marketing Inc.

Accounts Receivable Management

All Dunning Conducted Through A Cyberphonic Marketing Inc. Staff Attorney

Fourteen (14) Day Remittance Policy

Direct Payment Programs

Customized Collection Programs

Complete Nationwide Litigation

State-of-the-Art Information Processing Systems


Collection Fee Schedule

25% of the first $3000.00 collected

20% of all moneys thereafter

35% of all moneys collected by litigation

For more information on my company and our services, Please feel free to call me

at 570-588-6554.

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